Amazing dental experience! Walked in the back and it had a nice homey feel! All the up to date technology with a outstanding staff! Good dentists are hard to come by

Randall M.

Dentist at this location is a bit particular but her skills are pretty well defined. I've had dentists who have struggled to do things over and over. From what I could tell she just has an attention to detail which saves both of us time. That goes beyond what many dentists I've met have in skill sets.

Ezekiel N

Just wanted to send you a note that says “Thank you” to you and Norma for all the nice work you do and the extra care you show .In addition, Its a first time experience for me to not have not been made to sit for hours in waiting room.


Thanks So much for doing a wonderful job on my teeth!! you two are awesome!! you can work on my teeth any time.


When I fortuitously landed in the dentists chair of Dr Kavita Kulkarni’s well appointed clinic , she restored the dismantled teeth with such professional perfection amid the most convivial and reassuring conversation that my mind recollected the story of “Midas Golden Touch” Her Golden touch has me able to partake the pleasures of the palate with out a trace of inhibition and Denial.

H,S Ramakrishna

I have been fearful in going to the dentist for ages. Thanks for your reassuring words, discussing all options and excellent painless work. I am so comfortable now to smile and be a regular patient at a dental office.