Smile-ist Discount Care Card

Smile-ist Care Card

No Dental Insurance?  No Problem!

At Smile-ist, we want you to have access to quality and affordable dental care. Uninsured patients have the option of signing up for our in-house discount membership card - “Smile-ist Care Card”.

How does it work?

  1. Come in for one of the following:

     ●     Single tooth consultation with diagnostic x-rays and tooth specific treatment plan: $50

     ●     Full mouth consultation with diagnostic x-rays and full mouth treatment plan: $100

      2. Buy a Smileist Care Card (SCC) for $100. Patient is eligible for the following discounts:

     ●     Filling on any tooth or surface: $100

     ●     Inlay/Onlay on any tooth or surface(s): $475

     ●     Crowns on any tooth, any type: $850

     ●     Routine cleaning: $100

                  ○     Xray, exam, and fluoride as needed

     ●     Any other services are offered at 20% discount off our UCR fees

Plan limitations:

                ○     This is not a dental plan.  It is a preferred member discount for uninsured patients

                ○     Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or insurance

                ○     Only good at Smile-ist

                ○     If you choose to pay for your treatment with CareCredit, the plan discount will be reduced to 10%

                ○     SCC is valid for 12 months from date of purchase

                ○     All treatment must be completed within the 12 months the SCC is valid

                ○     SCC is non-transferrable.  Family members cannot be substituted

                ○     SCC is non-refundable, including if the patient does not use any Smile-ist services

                ○     Discounts do not apply to dental products